Welcome to Coffee on Raiford!

We are a specialty coffee shop in the heart of Downtown Selma that invites guests to relax, spend time with friends, or get work done while enjoying a wide array of refreshments.

Visit us for your morning iced coffee and a baked good, or in the afternoon for a light lunch and a frappé. Our coffee shop will feel like a second home, and prides itself on providing consistently excellent made products. Stop in today and make yourself at home!

Coffee and community | Coffee on Raiford

Meet Neighbors
Make Friends
Leave as Family

Our Menu

Coffee & Espresso

12oz | 20oz

House Blend

Refills .50
2.25 | 3.25

Dark Roast

Reg or Decaf
2.25 | 3.25

Espresso shots

Shots in a cup
1 – 1.75 | 2 – 3.00 | 3 – 4.00

Red Eye

Drip coffee with espresso floated over the top
3.75 | 4.75


Hot Water with espresso floated over the top
2.50 | 3.50

Café Au Lait

Our rich, dark roast coffee blended with steamed milk
3.25 | 4.25


Espresso blended with steamed & frothed milk
3.75 | 4.75


Espresso blended with steamed milk
4.00 | 5.25

Flavored Latte

Espresso and your choice of flavor blended with steamed milk
4.50 | 5.75

Iced Drinks

16oz | 20oz

Iced Tea

Sweet or unsweetened
2.50 | 2.75

Iced Coffee

Our dark roast brewed slowly & cooled served over ice
3.00 | 3.50

Iced Latte

Espresso and milk, blended served over ice
4.75 | 5.50

Iced Flavored Latte

Espresso and your choice of flavor blended with milk served over ice
4.00 | 6.00

Iced Chai Latte

Lightly sweetened black tea, spices and milk served over ice
5.00 | 6.00

Infused Red Bull


Iced Espresso

1 – 2.00 | 2 – 3.25 | 3 – 4.25


Espresso – 1.50
Flavors – .50
Milk Substitutions (Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Half & Half) – .50

Frozen Drinks

16oz | 20oz


Delicious blend of ice, milk and your choice of flavor Caramel, Mocha or (Non-Coffee) Vanilla
5.50 | 6.00


Strawberry, Mango, Pina Colada, Peach, Banana
6.00 | 6.50


Shirley Temple, Sweet Sunrise, Raiford Punch
3.75 | 4.25


16oz | 20oz


2.25 | 3.00

Hot Chocolate Steamer

Rich chocolate blended into steamed milk
4.00 | 5.00

Hot Caramel Steamer

Buttery rich blend of premium caramel and steamed milk
4.00 | 5.00

Chai Latte

Lightly sweetened black tea and spices blended with steamed milk
4.50 | 6.00

About Us

The owners | Coffee on Raiford

Coffee on Raiford opened its doors in 2019 when many businesses were struggling to stay afloat, and thanks to early support from its customers, this coffee shop blossomed into the great local gathering place it is today. Selma was in need of a place that could bring the community together, and the owners, sister and brother, Zena and Jeffery, brought that dream to reality. They were both born and grew up in Johnston County with the beliefs of having a strong work ethic, high morals, and to give when you can. This solid base has led Coffee on Raiford to be very successful in creating a family-oriented establishment that welcomes you, offers consistently good products, and will have you leave with a smile on your face.

Zena Rose is the owner, operator, and barista for Coffee on Raiford making all your favorite drinks. She spent 40 years as a self-employed paint contractor before retiring, but always dreamed of opening her own business selling coffee.

Jeffery Hamilton is in charge of maintenance, marketing, and bookkeeping. He works at The Rudy Theatre, just one block away from Coffee on Raiford, after spending 37 years at the Raleigh News & Observer. Most days you will find Jeffery out promoting Selma as the great place it is to visit, live, and grow a business in, as he has always been doing the past several years.

We Offer Delicious Products
in a Comfortable
& Relaxing Atmosphere.

Coffee Delivered to You

We set up coffee carafes and sweetener essentials for special events, board meetings, grand openings, and more.

Meeting space

There is a living room setting available for small meetings, studying, family time, and bible studies. Customers can sign up for hour blocks to have their meeting or gathering.

Town Information Hub

We are also Selma’s newsstand! We have a bulletin board, business card rack, brochures for the town and all of Johnston county.

Partnering with Pixie Dust Lunch Box

Pixie Dust Lunch Box Logo

Pixie Dust Lunch Box & Bakery Shoppe is a local eatery in Downtown Selma that supplies our Sweet Treats and fine eats.

Coffee and community | Coffee on Raiford

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